How to Initiate an Apply Now Application as a Tenant Agent

This article explains how Tenant Agents can initiate an Apply Now application.

How to Initiate an Apply Now Application as a Tenant Agent

Purpose: Tenant Agents can facilitate the application process between the Landlord or other authorized reviewer and Applicant to generate a rental application and credit/background reports.

Step by step instructions:

1. First, verify that the Landlord or listing agent accepts Rental Beast’s Apply Now Application. 

2. Enter Landlord information

a.(photo of landlord form)Ask the listing agent who to reference when completing this section. More often than not, you’ll enter the listing agent’s contact formation. 

Note:  The Listing Agent may elect, later in the process, to change the reviewer to the actual landlord, at which point your tenant will be asked to consent to this change. In the Apply Now tool, only one person accesses the reports at a time. As the Renter Agent, you will be able to view the status of the application review process, but you will not have access to the reports. 

3. Review Property section 

b. The listing information will pre-populate on the blue form, and the information is editable. 

4. Enter Applicant information 

c. Enter the Background information for your renters. If multiple people are applying together(roommates, co-signer, etc.), click the “+” button to add additional applicants.

5. Press submit to finish your application 

Note: Once pressing submits, you will no longer be able to adjust or change information. Double-check to ensure everything you have entered is correct and up-to-date. 

6. Post-submission after clicking the "Submit Application" button, an email invitation to begin an Apply Now the application will be sent to you and the tenant applicant(s). Notifications will also be sent to the Landlord or designee.

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