Success Guide: Building Your Rental Business

How to Plan and Implement Rentals to Your Business

Why Is This Important?...

One common denominator with successful real estate professionals (and most successful businesses) is they all have a business plan with weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.

They also refer to them regularly to make sure they are on target. They plan for success. They know what they need to do to hit their targets and they make sure they do it.

The simple truth is that you get what you set. Once you have a goal of what you want to earn and begin completing the required tasks, you’re on your way to having a more rewarding real estate career.

This Guide Will Help You...

  • Set your commission goal and identify the amount of leads required to achieve them
  • Create a short business plan to keep you on the path to success
  • Determine how you want to approach rentals based on your experience
  • Research your local rental market and competition

Learn how to add rentals as a revenue stream

1. NEW OR HAVE LITTLE EXPERIENCE: You are doing a few deals a year. You are figuring out how to grow your business, learning the ropes, and (hopefully) looking to connect with everyone you meet.

2. EXPERIENCED BUT NEED TO GROW: You feel you hit a plateau and are slightly below where you want to be. You are willing to hustle and want to grow your revenue and client base but can’t hit the next level.

3. EXPERIENCED WITH A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS: Your business is established, healthy, and consistent. Now, you are focused on introducing new and meaningful revenue lines and optimizing your time.