Introducing Rental Beast Pro

Meet Rental Beast Pro, the all new user interface helping you with every step of the leasing process, from lead to lease!

Introducing Rental Beast Pro

We're thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Rental Beast Pro, the new and improved lead-to-lease platform. Provided in a mobile-friendly, intuitive use interface, Rental Beast Pro gives you the core rental-centric features in today's Broker Portal along with more tools to help you close rental deals and build a renewable pipeline of future homebuyers.

What is Rental Beast Pro?

Rental Beast Pro is your next-generation, lead-to-lease rental platform! We've heard your feedback and have completely reimagined the Broker Portal from the ground up, using state-of-the-art design to ensure our customers get the best possible experience. Rental Beast Pro is mobile-friendly, and designed to help you make money with rentals while you're on the go!

What should I expect?

  • More Rental Beast Reviewed listings, including owner-sourced single family, condo, and rental community listings
  • Redesigned Rental Add/Edit functions
  • A new Bulk Listing Upload tool
  • Ability to Claim Rental Listings among Rental Beast Reviewed listings
  • Reimagined and more intuitive Rental Search, with an efficient, nested-listing view
  • Direct access to Tutorials within Rental Beast Pro

Need help?

No problem, we got you! You have multiple options for help!

  • Use this Help Center for step-by-step directions on how to complete actions in the Rental Beast Pro
  • Access tutorials and how-to guides directly within Rental Beast Pro
  • Chat directly with a member from our U.S.-based Customer Success Team
  • Contact your Customer Success Specialist
  • Contact Support, using the info below


Call: (855) 316-4157