How to Use Listing Bookmarks

This purpose of this article is to explain how to use the bookmark feature to save listings you want to access again later.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of this article is to guide users on how to bookmark listings. Use the bookmark tool to easily group alike listings to send to a client, return to listings you find interesting, or to market certain listings on your MyRentalsPage. 

Bookmarking Listings At Once

  1. Go to the “Search” tab.
  2. Click “Clear” to remove any previous criteria .
  3. Add any filters you want then click the “Search” button. Any listings that match your filtered criteria will be returned. 
  4. Your search results will be separated by the "All", "MLS" and "Rental Beast" Search tabs. You can click the checkmark button on the left side of the listing (s) under any of the tabs. 
  5. After selecting the listings(s) you want to bookmark, click on the ribbon icon in the action toolbar above your search results. 
  6. Once the ribbon icon is clicked, you will notice a ribbon will appear on any bookmarked listing(s) and the number next to the “Bookmark” button will update. 
  7. You can bookmark listings across the Search Tabs by not “clearing” the checkmarks. A listing that is check marked on the “MLS” or “Rental Beast” Search Tab will also be checked when viewing on the “All” tab.  
  8. To uncheck all the listings press the “Unselect” button at the top of the search results page. 

NOTE: “Clearing” your search filters will not clear your check marks. You must clear your checkmarks separately by selecting "Unselect". 

Accessing Your Bookmarked Listings

  1. Go to the “Search” tab.
  2. Click the “Bookmarks” button. 
  3. Any listing(s) you have bookmarked will appear here. 

Deleting Bookmarked Listings

  1. Go to the “Bookmarks” button. 
  2. Any listing(s) you have bookmarked will appear here. 
  3. Using the checkmark box on the left hand side of the listings, select the listing(s) you would like to remove.
  4. Click the ribbon icon located in the toolbar near the top of your search.
  5. This action will remove the selected bookmarks. 

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