How To Use Client Communications

This article reviews the client communication features!

Purpose: This article reviews the client communication features and shows how it can track and update you about activity from your client within the Rental Beast Broker Portal. 

Using Client Communications

1: To be able to track a client’s activity in Rental Beast, you want to ensure they are a contact in your “Client” tab. Accepted leads will automatically be added; however, you must manually input any new clients under the “Client” tab to get tracking functionality. 

2: You can then go to the “Search” tab and select the listing(s) you want to email to a client by selecting them and clicking on the Email” icon. 

3: Clients saved in your “Client” database can be quickly selected under the “To Clients” auto-populated dropdown field.

4: Complete the “Subject and “Message” fields, then click “Send” to email the listing(s).

5: Your client will receive an email with your message and can view a listing by clicking the “View Details” button under each listing. Please note, if you send more than five listings to your client, they will click a “View All Listings” button towards the end of the email. 

6: A client will be able to do the following from a listing:

  • Save it
  • Schedule a showing
  • Submit an application

7: If a client selects one of those three options, their email address will auto-populate in the pop-up box. This confirms that your client has been registered in our system as your client. 

8: Next, they will be asked to create a password and click “Sign Up.” You will begin to receive alerts in your activity hub for any new activity from your client. 

9: Once the account is created, your client can view their “My Listings” landing page. On this page, they can view listings that were:

  • Sent by you
  • Sent via a previously set-up client alert
  • Favorited or requested to tour by them.
  • Like / Dislike a listing

10: As a client interacts with listings or is sent new listings, you will receive alerts and can view the activity, including being able to view specific listings by clicking the “View Listing” button. Client activity can be found under the “Client” tab and then selecting the “Client Activity Hub.”

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