How to Generate a CMA

A step-by-step guide for generating a Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA) from search results.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of this article is to guide users on how to generate a Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA) from search results.

Generate a CMA

  1. Go to the “Search” tab. 
  2. Click “Clear” to remove any previous criteria
  3. Add in any search filters to be used for your comparable then click the “Search” button. Any  listing(s) that matches your filtered criteria will be returned. 
  4. Once your results are generated you can select listing(s) by clicking the checkmark box next to the listing address. If you want to select the entire page, click the checkmark box above “clear”. 
  5. After selecting your listings, click the graph icon from the toolbar above your search results.
  6. You will be brought to a new tab and your CMA report will be generated for only the listing(s) you have selected.

NOTE: Default listings status for search is “Active” and “Application Pending”. If you are performing a CMA on rented properties, you must change the status filter to “Rented”.

Print a CMA

  1. Using the “Perform a CMA” instructions, run your desired CMA. 
  2. To print this report click the print icon to the top right of your screen. Follow the on-screen prompts. 

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