How to Claim a Listing

Claim your property management software listings from your Rental Beast account!

What is the purpose?

The purpose of this article is to illustrate how using our Claim Listing process will save you ample time by providing ease to claim your listings from your PM software without having to re-add each listing again into Rental Beast.

Why is this important?

The benefits of claiming your listing in Rental Beast saves you a tremendous amount of time when creating listings across multiple platforms. Following the Claim Listing steps will not only streamline the data entry process but will also alleviate the need to edit your listing across multiple platforms if updates are needed.  Rental Beast will automatically get a copy of the entry and any changes made will be updated automatically without the need to make edits in all of the places where your listing is shown. 

How does it work?

Step 1: Turn Syndication on in your Property Management Software

  1. Ensure the listing has syndication turned on in your Property Management software.
  2. There will be a few hours of lag time from when you turn syndication on and when Rental Beast receives a copy of the information. If you do not see the listing within 24 hours, please contact

Step 2: Claim Your Listing

  1. Click on the Search tab.
  2. Click the Clear button to reset search filters
  3. Type in your address and select it from the auto population dropdown. Click the Search button.
  4. Find your listing in the search results and click the Claims Listing icon on the far right of the listing row. 
  5. Check the box that certifies you as the exclusive rental agents for this listing. Then input the date when your claim to the listing expires.
  6. Add your email address (if not automatically filled) and click the Submit Verification Request button. The email entered will not change the email that your lead inquiry notifications will go to.
  7. A message will appear that confirms your submission was a success. Click Ok.
  8. Note: If you do not see your listing when searching by address, please contact
Warning: Real estate professionals are not to claim listings that they are not contracted to be the manager on record of. If continuous attempts to claim listings that are not your own, this feature will be disabled.

Step 3: Confirm email verification. 

  1. Go to the email added for verification. (Please check your spam folder if you do not see email immediately)
  2. Approve the request to verify your listing
  3. Go to your Rental Beast portal to view listings under your My Listings tab.

Step 4: Add additional information to your listing.

  1. You will want to edit your listing and add information not entered in your PM software. For example you may want to add in
  • The co-op compensation and any compensation remarks
  • Additional property features
  • Additional unit features
  • Lead syndication settings

     2. Click “save” once you have edited the listing. 

Step 5: Editing Your Listing

  1. If you have any updates, make these in your PM software and you will not have to update it in Rental Beast, as the edits will flow through to Rental Beast.  The claim listing process results in a sync that alleviates the need to edit your listing across multiple platforms.
  2. For fields not present in your PM software you will need to update these in Rental Beast. 

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