How do I review the status of an Apply Now application (Tenant Agent)?

Tenant Agents can access real-time Apply Now application status updates by logging into Rental Beast Lite.

How to View the Status of an Application as a Tenant Agent

If you are an agent that has either submitted a Rental Beast application through your MLS, or the tenant agent listed on the Apply Now application form, follow these steps to view the status of the application.

Apply Now application status updates are accessible through Rental Beast Lite. Rental Beast Lite is our secure agent portal provided to all agents, at no charge.

To access Rental Beast Lite, click on the Rental Beast link from the Tools or Quick Links sections in Pinergy:

Launching Rental Beast from Quick Links
Launching Rental Beast from Tools

Once logged in to Rental Beast Lite, click on the My Account drop down on the top right of the screen. Then select My Applications:

Accessing "My Applications" in Rental Beast Lite

Now that you are on the My Applications page, you can view the status of any Rental Beast application:

Viewing Apply Now Application Status