How do I review application results (Listing Agent)?

Use this detail guide to see how authorized Listing Agents can access and review Apply Now application results.

How to Review Apply Now Results as a Listing Agent

If you are a Listing Agent that has been authorized to view applications on an owner's behalf, follow these steps to review application reports.

If you are not authorized to view applicant reports, see instructions for “Changing the authorized reviewer after initiating an Apply Now application" in the Help Center.

Listing Agents can easily access Apply Now application results via Rental Beast Lite. To access your Rental Beast Lite account, simply click on the Rental Beast icon in the Quick Links section in your MLS, or click on the Rental Beast icon on your MLS's Tools tab:

Launch Rental Beast List from Quick Links
Launch Rental Beast Lite from Quick Tools

Once logged in to your Rental Beast account, click on the My Account drop down on the top right of the screen. Then select My Applications:

Accessing "My Applications" in Rental Beast Lite

Once on the Applications page, click on the blue View Application button next to the completed application. This will take you to the application report:

Apply Now Rental Application Information

On the left side of the screen, you will see all rental application information. On the right you will see  a button corresponding to each report—Credit Report, Eviction History, and Criminal Background (where available):

Apply Now Application Report

If documents have been provided (employment verification, letters of reference, etc.), you can open these from the Documents section.

If you are making the decision on the Applicant, you can use the Accept, Accept with Conditions, or Reject buttons to communicate a decision to the Tenant. The Tenant and Tenant Agent (if applicable) will be notified by email when a decision has been made.