Can I designate the authorized reviewer of an Apply Now application after an application is submitted for MLS PIN?

Yes! Follow these steps to designate and confirm an authorized reviewer after an application is submitted.

Changing the authorized reviewer after an Apply Now application is submitted

Apply Now keeps agents at the center of all transactions, including making it easy to designate the authorized Reviewer of application results. Follow these steps to assign the authorized Reviewer after an application is submitted.

Note: The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that only property owners or their authorized designees can review credit reports.

If you have not already received notice that the Applicant’s reports are available for review (or you can see the View Application button in the Apply Now system), follow the instructions called, Changing the authorized reviewer before initiating an Apply Now application”, located in this Help Center.

The most common use case for this scenario:

  • An application has been initiated by a Tenant Agent or Tenant Client with the Listing Agent entered as the primary contact for the property, but the Landlord is the authorized Reviewer.

Step 1: Assigning a new authorized Reviewer:

You can change the Reviewer by logging into your free Rental Beast Lite account. To access Rental Beast Lite, click on the Rental Beast link from the Tools or Quick Links sections in Pinergy:

Launching Rental Beast from Quick Links
Launching Rental Beast from Tools

Once logged in to Rental Beast Lite, click on the My Account drop down on the top right of the screen. Then select My Applications:

Accessing "My Applications" in Rental Beast Lite

Now that you are in the My Applications section, find the application that you need to change the Reviewer for and click the Change Reviewer button:

Rental Application Information - Change Reviewer

Enter the email address for the person authorized to review reports and click Submit:

Rental Application Information - Entering Reviewer Email Address

After clicking Submit, an email will be sent to the new Reviewer (the Landlord, in this scenario) with a link for them to access Rental Beast and accept their role as the new Reviewer. A sample notification email is below. In this example, “Frank Beard” is the Listing Agent:

Apply Now New Reviewer Email

When the authorized Reviewer clicks the View Application Status button, they will be brought to a screen where they can quickly sign up for a free Rental Beast Landlord Portal:

Claiming a Landlord Portal Account

If the Reviewer already has a Landlord Portal account, they will be prompted to sign in. After clicking Submit they will then be asked if they want to be the Reviewer for the application:

Accepting a Reviewer Invitation

After clicking "Accept", an email will be sent back to you asking you to confirm the change. This is an added security measure to ensure the correct person is being made the new Reviewer:

Change Reviewer Confirmation Email

Click the Confirm Reviewer button, and then click Confirm on the Rental Beast page to complete the process:

Change Reviewer Confirmation Screen

Step 2: Tenant Confirmation of New Reviewer

Once you have confirmed the new Reviewer, an email will be sent to the new Reviewer, notifying them that the change has been finalized. 

Now that the new Reviewer has been established, the Applicant will need to go into the application and resubmit their information. This is an FCRA compliance step - with a new Reviewer assigned, the Applicant must resubmit their application and provide the new Reviewer with permission to view reports. The good news is, all of their information will be pre-populated, and it will not cost them anything.

Notify the Applicant and have them log in to their Rental Beast account. (They will also receive an automated email prompting them to do this.) The Applicant will click on their name on the top right of the screen and select “Applications” from the drop down menu:

Tenant Application Access on

Once on the Applications screen the Applicant will click the Go to Application button:

Tenant Application Information Screen

The Applicant will then be brought back into their application. All application information will be populated. They need only click 'Continue' in each section, agree to FCRA terms, and then click Submit. The tenant will not pay an additional fee.

Once the Applicant has resubmitted their application, the new Reviewer will be able to review application results via Rental Beast's Landlord Portal.